Strategic Objectives

In order to make our vision and mission a reality we will strive to achieve our strategic objectives:

  1. To provide appropriate treatment, free medicines and financial assistance for surgeries of patients of Epilepsy, especially the underprivileged.
  1. To spread awareness about Epilepsy, in order to eliminate the associated stigma, remove superstitions and myths attached to Epilepsy, thus ending discrimination and harassment of persons with Epilepsy for their better integration in the society.
  1. To act as a support group for persons with epilepsy & their care givers by organizing counselling programs, by providing legal advice to those who are facing harassment or being discriminated against, and by providing vocational opportunities.
  1. To educate the general public about major causes of epilepsy e.g. hygiene, head injuries, problems at the time of delivery, fevers so that they can take precautions.